Friday, 12 August 2011

My bag crush: This Celine Bag

 'Gossip Girl' Leighton Meester preferred the contrastring white and blue style.

 While supermodel Claudi Schiffer favoured the blue style. Source via fashiontelegraph

The new range of Celine handbags is simply classic. I love the diferent colours in each bag and the fact that despite the sophiticated look it has, it can be worn casual too. My favourites has to be the one on the first picture because of the black/white/beige combination and the all blue one worn by Claudi. What do you dolls think about this bag and which one is your Favourite?


simo said...

Hey hey my gorgeous lil cc, i must say you look absolutly stunning, too beautiful am your number 1 fan.. lots of love xoxoxo

Fiona Carter said...

I am dying for a Celine bag! black or beige so basic, or whatever color just want one! I really like your blog, I feel identified with it!