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International or local Businesses/Companies/Individuals interested in sponsoring or advertising on my blog, there are a variety of options available for you. Both small & large businesses are welcomed to sponsor or advertise here.
I will only accept products that are related to my interests and blog. Different advertising options are given below in order to select the one that best suits your business. For any further questions and enquiries, please email me at

1) Sponsored Product(s)
Companies/ sponsors can send me their product(s) in which the sponsor can choose or I can choose the item. I will then wear the item as part of my outfit posts and link the sponsor's webpage at the bottom of that outfit post. All items sent to Qhule Que will not be returned.

2) Giveaway Items
Sponsors/Companies who want to giveaway their products on my blog are welcome to do so. The company or sponsor has to provide a link for the competitors of the giveaway to stay in touch with them, either via following the company’s twitter, facebook “Like” fan page, subscribe to email updates, and the like.
3) Advertisements on the Sidebars
Businesses that are interested in advertising on my site, please email me for the rates and I will gladly send you the number of my pageviews per month and other details

Small Ads

220 X 100


Advertisements will be posted
once the First Payment has been made, either through PayPal or Bank
Deposit. Payment must be made every month on or before the same day of
commencement of Advertisement. Different payment plans available based
on the Advertisement contract period.

Advertisements whose payments not
received on or before due date will be removed from the Blog. Payment
reminders will be send to you week before the due date.


Medium Ads

220 X 170


Large Ads

220 X 260


All sponsorship methods in posts will have a hyperlink to the sponsor's website.

Qhule Que has the full right to reject any advertisement method if it's unsuitable for the owner & target audience.

Blog statistics are available upon request.