Monday, 25 July 2011

Street chic-SIM (my Sissy)

So I decided to feature my adorable sister for my 1st Street style chic. Was visiting home (Swaziland) the past weekend and I got to spend time with her. I love her style, in as much as we both share the same passion for fashion and beauty, I think our styles differ at times. I love the dress which has a floral under layer and how she accessorised it with those wedge lace up boots and that multi coloured scarf. And the big curly hair, I loooove. 
Look out for more of my street chic features from wherever I will  be spotting them.* 


sajuki said...

great outfit :)

uduak said...

love her outfit, i already like your blog and am now following, you can check mine out and follow back . xxx